Shreveport leaders want to hear from the public about the best places to put police substations in the city.

Several community meetings are being held to listen to your opinion about the money approved by voters for public safety.

Shreveport Police and Fire Department leaders are hosting a series of listening sessions to receive input and provide updates on bond projects.

Here's the Schedule of the Community Meetings

Thursday, August 25 – North Louisiana Technical College

Monday, August 29 – Southfield School

Wednesday, September 7 – A.B. Palmer Community Center

Thursday, September 8 – Independence Stadium Skybox

Each of the meetings begins at 6pm.

Last year, voters ok'd just over $70 million dollars for public safety concerns. $4.5 million of that was aimed at putting police substations in a few neighborhoods. $27.5 million was approved for constructing a new police headquarters building. $2 million was also passed to pay for city jail maintenance and improvements. The fire department also gets money for new fire trucks and equipment along with fire station renovations and maintenance at the fire academy.

Where Will Shreveport Police Substations Be Built?

The Chief says he plans to build one in north Shreveport, another in west Shreveport and one in the south eastern part of the city. But he also says he wants to hear from residents before making a final decision. He is also hoping some of the properties he needs could be donated for use as a substation.

How Long Will It Take to Get Substations Open?

The Chief says it will take about 18 months to 2 years to get the substations up and going. They will not only be available to use for our officers, but they will also be a place residents can go to get police reports and handle police business rather than go to the central headquarters. The Chief also says they will also be used as exchange sites for custody or any property you might buy from someone online. This will give us more safe places to handle these kinds of transactions.

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