A plan is in the works to buy more equipment for the Shreveport police department. The Shreveport City Council is considering a proposal to buy 40 take home police cruisers at a cost of just over $2 million. This measure also proposes buying 225 radars at a cost of $305,000.

The proposed purchases also include guns, firearm lock boxes, 100 body cameras and CSI vehicles. The total price tag for this proposal is $3.2 million. The money would come from the city's reserve fund.

Many proponents say take home patrol cars is one way of preventing crimes in the neighborhoods as it puts patrol cars in different parts of the city during the officers off-hours.

Councilman Jerry Bowman, Jr. is pushing this plan, but a final vote can not come until August 24th.

This proposal is being pitched to the council at the same time as the panel is being asked to consider spending $3.2 million on fire trucks and other equipment for the Shreveport Fire Department.

The bond proposition headed to the voters on November 13 includes $69 million for public safety. More than $13 million is for fire vehicles and equipment. The money proposed for the Shreveport Police Department includes nearly $5 million for a police headquarters and $27.5 million for police substations. It currently does not have any money listed for purchasing police equipment.

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