The Shreveport Police Officer who caused a social media outburst has resigned.

Earlier this afternoon, Shreveport Police sent out a notification that Officer Gary Thomas' resignation was accepted by Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump, and the resignation will be effective immediately.


The video that was released shows Thomas escalating an altercation while dealing with a local teen. On this video, you can hear the officer screaming at a young man.

The officer uses some pretty foul language while yelling at the man. Here's some of what you will see and hear:

“Damn right I’ll put my hands on you, any f***** time I want to. You f****** swing on me mother f*****, I’ll whip your f****** a**. Record it, record me whipping his a**.


After the video went viral, news circulated that Thomas was previously fired by SPD after he was arrested last year on a domestic battery charge by Bossier City Police. He was apparently reinstated to SPD after appealing his firing.

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