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Halloween is here, and before you know it, we'll be untangling Christmas lights, looking for those Black Friday deals, and wondering what happened to Thanksgiving.  But for now, we focus on that bastion of free candy, Halloween.

The Shreveport Police Department has their own challenges on All Hallow's Eve. Large crowds, consisting of mostly children, are running through neighborhoods and, more importantly, across streets, in their excitement to collect as much booty as possible.

Crowds also gather in parking lots for festivals, and many churches hold "Fall Festivals" on the grounds and in parking lots. So, the Shreveport Police Department is offering a few safety tips to make sure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year.

Halloween Safety Tips

Some of the safety tips would seem to be common sense, but as we've learned, sometimes common sense isn't so common.  But things like, never enter a stranger's home, never accept rides from strangers, and never let your child go out carrying a realistic looking replica firearm, seem like no-brainers.  And if you do go out this Halloween, please remember to stay alert while you're driving. Always drive slowly, especially through neighborhoods, yielding to pedestrians, and paying special attention to those little trick-or-treaters.  Here's the complete list of Safety Tips from the SPD.


Courtesy of SPD
Courtesy of SPD

The Shreveport Police Department also wants to remind everyone to call law enforcement if you observe any suspicious or careless behavior.  Also, visit the Sex Offender registry at to be familiar with registered sex offenders in your areas. 

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