Shreveport residents can be proud to know we have some of the finest police officers in the nation patrolling our city.

Often, we shine a spotlight on something an officer does wrong. That happens and it should be discussed. But the vast majority of our police officers go above and beyond the call of duty every day.

I want to tell you the story of SPD Corporal Lakendrick O'Neal. He probably does not want this out there. But you need to know about what he did. He is a 12 year veteran of the force and everyday while he's on patrol he shows a love for our community. As SPD leaders described on Facebook:

He has shown love for our community many times during his career and is well respected by his peers. One of his fellow officers witnessed him show compassion in such a way that she said it made her "remember why she chose a life of service.


Here's the latest amazing act of kindness Corporal O'Neal did. On April 6, he got a call to a home in the Highland community where a child was refusing to go to school.  The officer pulled the young boy to the side and asked him what was going on. The young boy told Corporal O'Neal he did not have a belt. That lit a fire under Corporal O'neal who immediately went to a store and bought the young man a belt.

The officer has also pledged to follow this young man's progress and reward him for good grades on his report card.

Corporal O'Neal works the day shift and patrols the Highland Stoner Hill neighborhoods.

Just reading this story chokes me up and it will probably get you a little emotional too.

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