SHREVEPORT, LA - Residents in Shreveport got a chance to hear more information about the proposed noise ordinance. The City Attorney, the Police Chief and many others held a town hall meeting to discuss the ordinance and answer questions.

This new ordinance was sparked by some serious problems downtown with crowds gathering outside a club that has a rooftop area with music. These crowds have gotten unruly and there have been shootings and fights. The crowds have also blocked traffic and climbed on at least one 18 wheeler this year.

What Are the Big Changes in the Noise Ordinance?


But this noise ordinance would not only impact downtown. It would be in place for all of Shreveport. This measure would also call on the police department to enforce the noise ordinance. The officers handling this would have a decibel meter and they could be called in to measure the sound coming from clubs to determine if there is a violation. The proposed ordinance would impose fines which would climb after each violation.


What Happens Now with the Noise Ordinance?

This measure could be voted on by the Shreveport City Council next week. Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor has asked the Police Chief to bring the decibel meter to the council meeting to demonstrate what noises would be too loud under this ordinance.

If this ordinance is approved, clubs would need to get a special permit to have rooftop or outside loudspeakers.

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