It was a busy day of politics in Shreveport. Both of the candidates for Mayor rolled out the red carpet to get help from other political leaders in the run for the city's top job.
Republican Tom Arceneaux kicked off the day with an event which included the endorsements from current Mayor Adrian Perkins and former Mayors Cedric Glover and Ollie Tyler.

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All 3 democrats crossed the isle to endorse the Republican former city councilman. They each called Arceneaux "the man best suited to run the city for the next four years."

Shortly after that big event, Senator Greg Tarver welcomed Governor John Bel Edwards to town. Tarver says "I’m deeply grateful that the Governor has rearranged his schedule to fly to Shreveport to endorse me as the next Mayor of Shreveport. Let’s continue to spread the word to get out and vote! We will win, but we Must Vote!"

Click here to see the full video of Governor John Bel Edwards endorsement of Tarver.

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Edwards told the crowd "I see Democrats, Republicans, Independents, businessmen, nurses - the kind of coalition it takes not just to win, but to be effective when you govern." He says Tarver knows how to build those coalitions.

"We work together in Baton Rouge and that's what we'll do in Shreveport," Tarver said. "It's the only way to be successful."

Edwards says "I am asking everyone to support Greg Tarver. This is an impressive group of people. Senator Tarver knows how important it is to put together a coalition to move Shreveport forward. It is more important than it has ever been." He adds "There is so much going on in north Louisiana and we are making so many investments in the Shreveport area."

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