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Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins released a statement to Judge Brady O'Callaghan's ruling, stating Perkins was disqualified from running for the office of Mayor of Shreveport in the current upcoming election.

The statement, released by Assistant Communications Director Lyman Lasco McKellar reads:

"We have read the Court’s decision and we respectfully disagree. The court found there was no ill motive by me, but the decision unfortunately amounts to voter suppression by my opponents. My opponents are being allowed to use a clerical error to tell a sitting mayor of Shreveport, who grew up in Shreveport, lives in Shreveport, and votes in Shreveport, that I can’t run for re-election. 

The effect of this decision deprives voters of their constitutional right that I have fought for my country to protect. I want y’all to understand this, the people that challenged me have paid for polls and all of the polls say, that I’m the most likely candidate to be elected Mayor in November.  

This is a desperate attempt by my political opponents to undermine the democratic process. Elections should be decided by the voters. We will immediately appeal."

Lyman Lasco McKellar

Assistant Communications Director

City of Shreveport

M: 318.423.9215

P: 318.673-5407


Lyman, a city employee in the Mayor's communications office sent the Perkins statement out Tuesday afternoon, during city hours... from a city email address...  This could raise questions about why city employees are spending city time on campaign issues for Perkins. This could be a possible state campaign ethics violation.

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