Reaction to the weekend bond election is coming in from all sides this week. Shreveport State Senator Greg Tarver, who some say may run for Mayor, says he is not at all surprised by the vote.

Only proposition 1 for police and fire passed. The other 4 propositions failed. Tarver voted against all 5 proposals. Tarver told us a few weeks ago that he would not be surprised if all 5 propositions failed. He said that would be a "referendum on Adrian Perkins as Mayor and he will decide not to run for re-election." Perkins tells KEEL News he does not see this as a referendum on him personally.

Now Tarver says the police officers and firefighters sold themselves and the public did support them. But he also says we must pay them better so we can keep them and attract more officers and firefighters.

Tarver says the people "do not have confidence in city government and the leaders have not been good stewards of the people's money."

Tarver says if Mayor Adrian Perkins "did not hear the message from the voters on Saturday, he needs to get a hearing aid".

We asked Tarver how vulnerable is Mayor Perkins and he said

In politics, everyone is vulnerable. But I think he is more vulnerable today than he was yesterday. I think this was a referendum on him and his administration."


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