Shreveport leaders are still in negotiations with local Mardi Gras Krewes about the parades set to roll in February.

The city has asked both the Krewes of Centaur and Gemini to chip in big money to help pay the cost of security along the parade route. But the Krewes say they have not budgeted that money and could not afford it for this year.

The Krewe of Centaur Parade is set to roll on February 19 while the Gemini Parade is set for February 26.


Leaders from the Krewes met with Bossier Mayor Tommy Chandler and other city leaders on Thursday to talk about the possible option of moving a part or all of the parades to Bossier City.

But Bossier City will not be a part of the plan for 2022. Here is the statement KEEL News received from Mayor Tommy Chandler's office:

After much deliberation and discussion, the administration and City Council agree that it is not in the best interest of the citizens of Bossier City to host Mardi Gras parades in 2022. Given the time constraints, public safety and budgetary concerns could not be adequately addressed. Talks were left open for future seasons.  The City of Bossier appreciates the Krewes’ understanding and look forward to future discussions.

Krewe of Centaur Captain Corky Bridges tells KEEL News 3 Bossier Council members were in the room along with the Mayor and members of his staff. Krewe of Gemini members were also in the meeting. Mayor Chandler told them one of the big problems is the booking schedule at the Brookshire Grocery Arena. On February 26, Reba McEntire will play in Bossier and that is the same date as the Gemini Parade. It would be too difficult to try to pull off both events on that same day.

But Chandler did not completely rule out being involved in the future.

What Does Corky Bridges Tell Us About the Meeting?

So now, the Krewes will get back to talks with the City of Shreveport. Bridges tells us if Mayor Perkins and his staff continue to insist the Krewe's come up with the money to pay for police overtime, the parades for 2022 could be in jeopardy.

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