On May 1st 2022, tragedy struck when 13 year old Landry Anglin was killed after a stray bullet from a rolling shootout hit her while she was playing in her grandparents home on Fairfield.
After being rushed to the hospital, Landry Anglin was pronounced dead that afternoon.
After a thorough investigation, police put out warrants for two men and one woman that they believed were involved in the rolling gun battle that senselessly ended the life of an innocent teenager.
After the suspects were taken in to custody, Kenmiccael Dano Ray (23) was charged with Second Degree Murder.
Thursday (9-22-22) The Caddo Grand Jury indicted Ray on those Second Degree Murder charges. They also handed down indictments for 3 other people.
Andrew Adaway, 35,  from Shreveport, is charged in connection with the June 20, 2022 beating death of 72-year-old Bobbie Young. Adaway and Young were both being held at the Shreveport City Jail when the beating occurred.
In the sex-crime indictments, Christopher Thomas, 38, of Shreveport, is charged with two counts of aggravated rape and molestation of a juvenile, while Tremayne Haas, 40, of Shreveport, is charged with first-degree rape. Due to the nature of the crimes, both indictments were filed under seal, with no further details available.

Caddo Parish Violent Offenders 9/16-9/18 (Mugshots)

The following mugshots are violent offenders who were booked to Caddo Correctional Center over the weekend. All those pictured are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Bossier Parish Violent Offenders 9/1-9/20

The following mugshots those who were booked into Bossier Parish Max. All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty

Caddo Parish 9/9-9/11 Violent Crime Arrests (Mugshots)

The following mugshots are of those arrested in Caddo Parish for violent or sexually related crimes through the dates of 9/9-9/11. All those pictured are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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