A decision could come soon on who will take over as the next Fire Chief in Shreveport.

Mayor Adrian Perkins is set to interview several finalists for the top fire job beginning Thursday.

The interview process is expected to take two weeks. Eighteen applied and passed the civil service exam. That list has been narrowed to 11 finalists.

"This appointment is extremely important in ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens and visitors and I guarantee we will select the right person for the job," said Perkins said in a news release.
This appointment is being handled a bit differently from the appointment of Wayne Smith as police chief. None of the candidates for police chief were interviewed. Some say they felt disrespected after going through the entire process but never having any contact from the Mayor's office about his plan not to interview any of the candidates.
But in the case of the fire chief's job, current chief John Lane did not apply for the permanent job. He has been serving as substitute chief since former Chief Scott Wolverton announced his retirement last year after 28 years with the department.

History of Fire Chiefs in Shreveport

Arthur Tombs appointed as first chief in 1891, but served only three months.

Robert Grubbs who served one year till 1892.

Thomas Bresenham served until 1902,

Chris O'Brien served as chief until 1923.

SJ Flores was chief until 1946.

Floyd Kendrick served until 1954.

WJ Cook was chief until 1965.

Dallas Greene served as chief until 1989.

Gordon Routley served for two years until 1991.

Dale Martin stepped up to serve until 1994.

Bo Roberts served as chief until 1999.

Kelvin Cochran became the city's first Black chief. He served until 2007.

Brian Crawford served as chief until 2011

Craig Mulford served as chief until 2014.

Scott Wolverton served until 2021

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