A Shreveport man is found guilty in Caddo District Court of multiple drug offenses.

The jury deliberated less than an hour before finding 31-year-old Jeremy Deon Rainey guilty. Rainey was arrested in April on charges of possessing marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine, as well as an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a 9-mm handgun.

Rainey was found guilty on five separate counts: possession with the intent to distribute the Schedule I controlled dangerous substance marijuana; possession with the intent to distribute the Schedule II CDS methamphetamine, and possession with the intent to distribute the Schedule II CDS cocaine; while in possession of those drugs the illegal carrying of the aforementioned weapons; and possession of those firearms as a convicted felon. Rainey has an extensive criminal history, including six prior felony convictions, and was on parole when arrested.

On the day he was arrested, officers spotted Rainey, asleep or unconscious, in a car  stopped at a green light at Hearne Avenue and Murphy Street. The officer approaching the car noticed a rifle next to the center console. Officers also spotted the handgun and a small bag of marijuana.

Officers recovered more than $4,300, 10 baggies of marijuana weighing approximately 73.3 grams; four baggies of cocaine weighing approximately five grams; eight baggies of crystal methamphetamine weighing approximately 5.4 grams, 31 methamphetamine tablets in three baggies, and packaging material and digital scales.

Rainey could be sentenced to decades in prison on all of the charges.

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