Some Shreveport locals were participating in a new internet challenge known as "the crate challenge". The challenge is dangerous in-and-of itself, involving stacking plastic milk-crates in a stair shape and having participants try and climb the shaky structure.

Most of the videos of these challenges end in failure, but this particular video ended in a much more violent fashion. Just as you see a person getting close to the top of the milk-crate structure on Sunday (8/22/21) evening, a car drives by and opens-fire on the group filming the challenge.

The group appear to scatter as the shots ring out, with one person yelling "Where's my gun? Get my gun!".

The shooting took place near Hearne Ave and Desoto. At this time, it doesn't sound like anyone was wounded in the incident, but several vehicles were reportedly hit by gunfire.

Only minutes later a shooting took place at the Circle K on 70th and Gilbert. No word on if the shootings were connected.

The shooting is currently under investigation by Shreveport police, and more information will be forthcoming.

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