Gang violence involving teenagers is the biggest problem facing Shreveport. Leaders are now saying we have to start finding ways to deal with these violent teens and letting them know there will be consequences.

Shreveport Councilman Grayson Boucher wants to begin enforcing our curfew for young people. He says we have one on the books, but we have not been enforcing it. Boucher says that is just one bullet point in his plan to address the violent crime problem in our community.

Boucher also wants higher pay for officers. He's also calling on the Sheriff and State Police to step in and help patrol parts of our city to free up SPD officers to patrol in high crime areas.

Boucher talks with KEEL about his plan.

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator also talks about things we need to be doing to address our crime problem. But he says asking his office to patrol the city is just not something he can do right now. Prator tells us he is down by 15 deputies and he only has 60 on patrol and can not afford to pull any of them off of their current patrol duties. He also talked with us about the problem of juvenile crime. We also asked the Sheriff about Boucher's idea of transferring all city jail offenders to CCC and using the city jail for more juvenile space. Prator says his jail is bursting at the seams.

Wil Pryor is Special Assistant to Caddo District Attorney James Stewart. He's the #2 guy in the D.A.'s office. We asked him about the judicial piece to this puzzle to find out if more can be done. Pryor did tell us most of the violent crime problem in Shreveport can be traced back to juvenile gangs and retaliatory behavior.

City leaders are planning to host a roundtable discussion about crime in our community. It is planned for 6pm on September 16th. Reps from the D.A.'s office and several other agencies will be invited.

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