A Shreveport Councilwoman says if you paid your way through college and don't owe any money, you're a sap...in so many words, at least. District A Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor plans to introduce a resolution at Tuesday's meeting calling for "a plan to cancel student loan debt" by the federal government.

The leftist Taylor is also calling for the transition to free college for every American who wants to go.

Why Should the City Council Do This?

Taylor says the federal government must act urgently to address the student loan crisis and wants the resolution, if it passes, sent to the President and Louisiana's two United States Senators.

Seemingly ignoring the fact that the $1.6 trillion in student loan debt would have to be made good by the American taxpayers, Taylor's resolution begins, "Whereas, the Shreveport City Council hereby determines that it is timely and necessary to call
upon the federal government to urgently address the student loan crisis, enact a plan to cancel student loan debt, and begin the transition to education as a public good."

The resolution makes the point that the money owed by approximately 44 million Americans "prevents millions from buying homes, starting businesses, saving for retirement, or even starting families."

The debt, the resolution says, is a burden on minorities in the US. "The student loan crisis impacts nearly 1 in 5 Americans, with Black, Latinx, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander, and other communities of color, low-income
residents, and young adults most impacted by student loan debt."

But Who Would Pay the Trillion Dollars That's Owed?

The Taylor resolution fails to address how eliminating student loan debt would be unfair to any students (current or former) who paid their way through college, or how, in the words of one pundit, student loan forgiveness is the equivalent of making people who chose not to go to college to pay the tuition of those who did.

The current Biden administration student loan-repayment pause is set to expire on May 1. Democrat legislators including Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are calling on the President to cancel the debt via executive order.

To read the complete Taylor student loan cancellation resolution to be introduced at Tuesday's Shreveport Council meeting, JUST CLICK HERE!

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