One of the biggest complaints I hear Shreveporters say about our city is that it is dirty.  You can see trash along almost every roadway in our community. Public works crews and prison crews try to keep up with the mess, but it's a never- ending battle. It seems too many people think it's ok to toss stuff out of the car window.

Who will clean that up? I often ask myself that when I see soda cans or fast food bags on public right-of-ways.

This Saturday it's time for spring cleaning all around our community. The city of Shreveport along with Shreveport Green are sponsoring this massive project. Hundreds of folks are expected to pitch in to help.

The cleanup is from 8am-noon on Saturday, April 10th.

Organizers of the Great American Cleanup will observe all Covid rules to make sure protocol is followed. You are encouraged to get a group of people together, wear masks and social distance as you work. There will not be a party after the event which has happened in years past.

You can click here to register as a team or just register yourself to pitch in. Here are some helpful tips from Shreveport Green:

    • If you want to participate and just cleanup, register and pick up t-shirts, bags, and gloves! You can report your number of bags and number of volunteers to us via email.
    • If you want to participate, cleanup, and compete for prizes, you'll need to register and check PRIZE. You'll then need to bring all of your trash out to the Fair Grounds to be weighed before 11:00 AM.
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The first 1,000 people who sign up will get a free t-shirt.

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