Shreveport City Councilman Jeff Everson says he has concerns about the plan to rebuild the Jackson Heights Housing project in the path of the I-49 inner city connector, but understands there are roadblocks to halting the project.

"The land belongs to the Shreveport Housing Authority and we can not stop them from building on the property," said Everson. "If we took any action to halt the work, the City of Shreveport would get sued and we would lose that lawsuit. The land is properly zoned for a housing complex and we could not legally put a stop to it without risking a lengthy legal fight."

The Shreveport Housing Authority breaks ground on the new housing complex and is prepared to start the work. The complex is expected to cost as much as $20 million dollars.

The project, called Renaissance at Allendale, is the Housing Authority's first project in the Allendale neighborhood in 30 years. The key issue in this dilemma is that housing in the area is badly needed, and the final route for I-49 through the middle of the city has not been selected.

Mayor Glover's comments on the I-49 construction project will be the focus of discussion Wednesday morning (April 9) at 7:20 a.m. with Robert and Erin in the morning.