Shreveport City Council Members Michael Corbin, Jeff Everson and Oliver Jenkins have served on the council for 8 years. They are moving off of the panel and back into the private sector. But these three men have served under 2 Mayors and have worked to fix a deteriorating infrastructure while continuing to maintain city services.


This also comes at a time when Shreveport is losing citizens to Bossier City and other states. Another big problem has been crime. Overall numbers are down, but the perception of crime is still a number 1 concern for local residents.

These 3 men will join us in studio on Monday to talk about the future of our city. Is the ship on course? Have we hit an iceberg? What can we do to make changes to improve the future of our community.

We have lots of questions and want to find out if these guys have some advice for the next City Council.

Be listening Monday morning at 7:10am to find out what they have to say.


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