Samuel Brock, an educator and the founder of the Shreveport Area Rugby Club, has been arrested for inappropriate sexual behavior with a minor. Brock was arrested in Jefferson Parish by sheriff's deputies and agents from the US Marshals Service.

Brock is charged with two counts of molestation of a juvenile and two counts of sexual conduct between an educator and student. He is being held on a 1.2 million dollar bond.

According to the SHARC website:

SHARC Rugby (Shreveport Area Rugby Club) was formed in 2015 by Coach Sammy Brock to promote youth rugby in North Louisiana.  Something that you will find in SHARC Rugby that you may not find in many youth sports organizations is that we are motivated by love for our kids and the sport.  ANYONE that wants to play rugby can play no matter what their financial situation.  Our goal at SHARC Rugby is not financially based.  Our goal is to build character in our young men and women, develop better citizens for our community and have a great time along the way.

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