The Shreveport City Council approved by a 6-1 vote the annexation of 83 acres of land east of Wallace Lake Road and northwest of Southern Trace.  But there are concerns about the city's continuing annexation.

"I think it is remarkable that we would still have done this one when we are now literally trying to get over the long and awful hangover of all the annexations the City of Shreveport did for decades," political consultant Elliott Stonecipher told KEEL News.

The one 'no' vote came from District B councilman Jeff Everson, who cited the city's master plan as a reason to not approve the annexation.

Stonecipher says, according to inside sources, the vote had been sprung onto the city council.

"To be honest, I'm not a bit surprised Mayor Cedric Glover doesn't care what's in the master plan or that he did something that particularly favors some developers as we know with 3132," expressed Stonecipher, who is also the spokesman of Finish 3132 Coalition, LLC.  That organization is currently in a legal dispute with the City of Shreveport over the completion of 3132.

The land will feature a development including 52 homes valued at $500,000 and up.

"It gets tax revenue in return, but we learned over time that the taxes are never enough to pay the long term and permanent cost of extending city services way further than they need to be extended," explained Stonecipher.

More sprawl means more distance to cover to provide services to a broadly dispersed population.

"This vote, this annexation, these are things we learned not to do.  These are things the master plan says not to do," the political expert stated.  "We did it anyway."