I can see this happening at the Duck Pond on East Kings, or at Mike Woods or Betty Virginia Park and here's my advice on how a parent should handle this whole issue about sharing.

A mom in Missouri told her son it was ok not to share his toys with youngsters that ran up to him in a public park. He didn't know these kids and he felt pressured to share, but his Mom told him he should say "no".

Many parents reacted with dirty looks and negative internet posts.  I'm all for this Mom. She planned ahead and let her son bring some toys with him to the park. I've chased down many a toy other children "borrow" and never return. And I've also had to deal with boys in tears when another child breaks one of their prized toys. Why should kids have to share just for the sake of sharing?

I think she did her son a great service by telling him it's ok to tell the other children "no".

This fiery debate started when Alanya Kolberg posted a photo and story on Facebook describing what happened to her son Carson this spring. She says at least six boys approached him demanding he share his toys with them. When he told them no, they ran and told their Mom "that little boy is not sharing".

Not only did Kolberg teach her son a valuable lesson, but there's a great lesson for the other children too. We are not all entitled to use the things other people have. If you want to play with toys at the park, bring your own....simple as that.


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