Let the games begin. Endorsements are starting to fly in the local political races. Former Democratic Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler has endorsed Republican Tom Arceneaux in the race for the city's top job.

What Does Tyler Say About Arceneaux?

"Tom has spent his life serving others, and I have no doubt that his caring and compassion will lead Shreveport to a bright future. Tom is a man who– when he sees something that needs to be done – gets people together, comes up with a plan, and works with everyone to see it accomplished. This type of leadership is what Shreveport needs right now. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Tom Arceneaux for Mayor and hope you’ll support him on election day with your vote on November 8th”

Does Arceneaux Have a Chance to Win?

Arceneaux is considered a strong contender in the field of 10 candidates and is the only Republican who likely has a chance of garnering enough support to make it into a runoff. But all of the political experts we have talked to tell KEEL News Arceneaux might make it into the runoff, he will not likely be able to win the seat based on the city's demographics.

Arceneaux, a local attorney and former Shreveport City Councilman says he is fighting to gather support from all sectors of our community.

Arceneaux says: "I’m honored to have received the endorsement of former Mayor Ollie Tyler. She shares my vision and the hopes of many across Shreveport. Our city needs new, forward-thinking leadership, and I know that the residents of Shreveport share that same sentiment. Together, we will work to deliver results and move our great city forward in the right direction.”

The deadline to register to vote or to make changes to your registration will be October 11. Early voting runs from October 25 until November 1.

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