Have you ever wanted to start your own country? Well, apparently a vast majority of Louisianans think it's a pretty good idea.

According to a just released poll conducted by YouGov, Louisiana is part of a group of conservative southern states that, if given the chance, would overwhelmingly choose to leave the USA.

And perhaps just as surprising, the same poll showed that nearly half of the ultra-liberal west coast would do the same thing.

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Those questioned were asked: “Would you support or oppose [your state] seceding from the United States to join a new union with [list of states in new union]?”

Looking at a dozen states across the south, YouGov found that, by party, 66% of Republicans favored a new start, compared with 50% of Independents and just 20% of Democrats.

Meanwhile, out west (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska), 47% of surveyed Democrats favor secession, with only 33% of Independents and 20% of Republicans.

The just-as-liberal east coast mirrors the west. From Maine down to Maryland, 39% of Dems, 35% of Indies and 26% of GOPers want out.

Surprisingly, it's in middle America, "the heartland," where the highest number of self-identified Independent voters want to begin anew. From the Dakotas east to West Virginia and down to Missouri, it's 43% of Independents, 34% of Republicans and just 19% of Dems.

And in the traditionally wild, wooly and conservative mountain states, 43% of Republicans want out, along with 35% of Independents and just 17% of Dems.

And the reasons for such a high number of Americans dissatisfied with their country? Among conservatives one can only assume they see the far left leanings of a Biden government, including open borders, out-of-control spending and even possible election fraud.

Meanwhile, lefties see a country filled with racist Trump supporters, 21st century Confederates looking to start a second Civil War.

The poll was conducted between June 26 and July 2. The survey had 2,750 respondents. Interestingly, a sample of 327 "political science experts" were included.

The pollsters also included an intriguing disclaimer to their findings. "Secession is a genuinely radical proposition and expressions of support in a survey may map only loosely onto willingness to act toward that end. We caution that this survey reflects initial reactions by respondents about an issue that they are very unlikely to have considered carefully."


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