The latest video trend sweeping America - okay, the world, is the "one chip" or "hot chip challenge." The single, super hot chip, sold by Paqui Tortilla Chips of North Carolina, consists of a box containing one Dorito-looking morsel described as "...the World's Hottest Chip made with the hottest chili pepper on the planet, the Carolina Reaper. Don't say we didn't warn you."

The latest to try the challenge is former LSU star Shaquille O'Neal. On the set of "The NBA On TNT", O'Neal brags that he can not only down the fiery bite, but maintain his cool, saying to his show cohorts,"I'll bet you twenty bucks that I can bite the chip and won't even make a face."

Well, Shaq, as the cliche goes, bites off a little more than he can chew and things don't go quite the way NBA legend had had planned.

Watch Erin McCarty do the One Chip Challenge:



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