I have "reluctantly" agreed to do the "One Chip Challenge" as a way to raise money for a local charity, Renee's Run.

In case you haven't heard, this is one potato chip that claims to be "one deadly tortilla chip." It's made from the Carolina Reaper pepper which registers 1.5 million on the Scoville ScaleBy comparison, Tabasco Sauce registers 1500 on the scale.

I will do this challenge on KEEL Friday morning at 8:40am.

I'm a bit worried that this chip could be my final meal. So this is my "One Chip Challenge" will:

To our Producer, Matt Parker, I leave him with the knowledge that he has finally convinced me that pro wrestler are great athletes.

To Ollie Tyler, I leave my Rolodex so she can text all of the areas newsmakers at 6am..

To Greg Atoms, my news buddy, I leave my seat cushion and blankie so you will always be comfortable in the KEEL studio. Oh, you also get the Godzilla sign.

To Sheriff Steve Prator, I leave the wrought iron fence from my house. Hope you can make good use of it.

To our General Manager, Amy Bloxom, I leave my USMC license plate and my old cassette player.

To Steven Jackson, I leave you a box of chocolate clusters (he'll know why).

To Lo Walker, I leave you $10 to help pay for the new Jimmie Davis Bridge.

To Gary and Bristol from KISS Country, I leave my sunrise alarm clock since I won't be needing to wake up at the butt crack of dawn anymore.

To Paul Elio, I am leaving my 2 weeks of festering garbage in my trash receptacle and  3 of the tires from my car, not all 4. You only get 3.

To Jay Whatley, I leave contact information for every deputy, police officer and state trooper I know because you may need these when your girls become teenagers.

To Michael Corbin, I leave you my lawnmower so you can mow the grass at the new park we will ultimately build at Cross Bayou.

To Stephanie Lynch, I leave all of the sunglasses I own. You might need them soon.

To KEEL's Digital Editor, Chasity Spears, I leave her with the responsibility of answering all of the listener complaints that I caused.

To the Morning Madhouse on K-945, you get my mic switch and my foot stool (this is for Ginger).

To Krystal Montez I leave my 1/2 used bottle of Udderly Smooth Body Cream

To Cedric Glover, I don't know if I have the authority to do this, but I leave you the KEEL Fiat because it's the closest your going to get to an Elio. I also leave you the "special Glover Chair" from the KEEL studio.

To my longtime radio partner, Robert J. Wright I leave the entire KEEL morning show. You will get my Rolodex. This means you will have to step up and start doing both our jobs until you are ready to hang up your head-phones. And be nice to Matt. Oh, you get Tiger and my dirty Adidas too.


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