Some high schools in Louisiana could be in hot water for bringing athletes back to workout before the June 8th start date.

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The Louisiana High School Athletic Association is not giving too many details, but reports indicate ten schools have kicked off summer workouts a little too early.

The LHSAA apparently got information about the offending schools and has launched an investigation. 8 of the schools being checked out are in the New Orleans area. There are also 2 in the Lafayette schools district and two schools from North Louisiana are under the microscope. But LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine is not naming the schools involved in this investigation.

If this investigation finds evidence of violations, the schools could be facing fines of up to $2500 dollars and the coaches could also be facing a suspension.

Phase One rules have restrictions limiting gatherings through June 8th. Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to announce when our state can move to Phase Two to reopen businesses and allow more public gatherings.

Bonine told Crescent City Sports that the LHSAA has "gathered solid information on three schools, while a fourth remains under investigation." Again no school names have been released.

The report indicates investigators have gathered videos and pictures from at least 3 of the schools.

Bonine tells Crescent City Sports:

We were given video and picture evidence of schools potentially violating the one-to-four ratio and having contact with kids specifically in the city (New Orleans) where they are not supposed to be out anyway.

Another report indicates the LHSAA was given information about these possible violations by other schools and some parents who have concerns about the gatherings.

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