United States Senator John Kennedy talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about a letter he sent to Governor John Bel Edwards, voicing his concerns about the effects of last year's Justice Reinvestment Act.

Here's a summary of the Kennedy from knoe.com:

"U.S. Sen. John Kennedy is attacking Louisiana's criminal justice overhaul in a letter to President Donald Trump that comes with pointed timing.

Kennedy sent the missive a day ahead of Gov. John Bel Edwards' Thursday meeting with the president about the criminal sentencing law changes that Edwards has championed. Kennedy says the changes are "failing the law-abiding public in Louisiana" and jeopardizing public safety.

Edwards' office says Kennedy is using incorrect data and "routinely manipulates information to fit his narrative."

The state's Justice Reinvestment Act, passed by the Louisiana legislature last year with strong support from Governor Edwards, reduced sentences, expanded parole and probation and reduced sentences for mostly nonviolent offenders. Most of the savings from the bill from prison population reduction are redirected to pay for programs aimed at preventing released inmates from returning to jail.

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