The latest budget for the State Of Louisiana is causing some uproar in the Capital, and has the house divided. In one camp, siding with Gov. John Bel Edwards, it is believed that we have budget deficits and shortfalls that can only be corrected by raising taxes.

On the other side, legislators like Senator Ryan Gatti of Bossier City say that there is no deficit, and that out of control spending is the culprit. Opponents say the budget was pushed through too fast, and the house did not take into consideration cuts that need to be made before the fiscal year even begins. Gatti states that if a budget is submitted with the knowledge that funding will have to be cut a couple of months into the fiscal year, then that budget should have never been approved in the first place.

Listen to the full interview with Senator Ryan Gatti as he gave his opinions of the latest budget to Robert and Erin.

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