Perkins, who was elected to the position in 2018, recently announced his plans to take on the incumbent Cassidy after fewer than two years in the Shreveport position of leadership.

Cassidy, who had not previously commented publicly on the Perkins move, says, "There are people I talk to in Shreveport who feel like the Mayor has let them down. He ran for office eighteen months ago promising to provide leadership and vision for the city and now he's running for another office. His record over the last eighteen months, according to people in Shreveport, has not been that strong."

The senior Senator then goes on to defend his own record over his first term. "On the other hand, in Washington, D.C., we've put billions of dollars out there - President Trump has, with Congress' help - we've helped a lot of people who are unemployed through this rough patch. We've helped employers who otherwise would have had to close their doors to stay in business. We've done things to support families, employers and society as we address this public health crisis."

Cassidy talks more about the upcoming race in this KEEL interview.


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