Sen. Bill Cassidy talks about his plan to help reduce the growing number of veteran suicides.

The Senator, who is in Shreveport to meet with a number of doctors and medical administrators, says, "We have a problem with suicide among veterans. When you look at the problem, most who commit suicide do so in the first six months after leaving (the military). The average time for the first appointment at the VA after separating is six months. Clearly, there's a problem here."

Cassidy then explains recent legislation that would improve the bureaucratic process. "The amendment (passed) is to have a warm handoff between the Department of Defense and the that if people are at risk upon separation, they can quickly get into the VA."

He also talks about efforts to streamline communication between the DOD and VA. "What we're attempting to do now is have medical records be inter-operable. That doesn't happen now. So, what I'm hoping is that the the inter-operability of medical records and how to get VA service organizations involved."

"What can we do for our veterans to make life better," Cassidy concludes, "After they served our country so well."


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