After voting for a resolution saying that a second Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump is unconstitutional, Senator Bill Cassidy is nonetheless quoted by that "it is his constitutional duty to attend the (Senate) trial and he won't prejudge the evidence."

Again, from, Cassidy says, "“I’ll listen to the evidence and seek out as much as possible what the truth is and that will determine how I vote."

And more from "Cassidy said that Trump’s 'worst-case scenario' would be if evidence was presented at trial showing he received warnings from the FBI that his supporters were planning to plant pipe bombs and storm the Capitol. But he said if Trump was found to have merely told his supports to 'fight,' that would be another thing. "

But on Thursday afternoon, Cassidy further explained his thoughts on the upcoming Senate trial in this message to KEEL:

"Imagine as evidence - which I don't think will occur - that the FBI informed the President that someone might lay pipe bombs or that communications had been intercepted that (an insurrectionist group) would attempt to invade the Capitol and harm Senators and Representatives. I don't think it's going to. It's hard to imagine but it is within the realm of possibility.

That's my thought when I say that I wish to hear testimony before I say what I will or will not do, recognizing it's a high bar. But it's something to be heard."



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