Mudbugs General Manager (and Shreveport's Biggest Cheerleader) Scott Muscutt was instrumental in helping get the Miss USA pageant to Shreveport. While Muscutt may down play his role and importance, its hard to deny how good this event is for the city. The event, which will take place May 21st at George's Pond at Hirsch Coliseum and be broadcast to a worldwide audience, is expected to have more than a $5 million economic impact on our local economy.

There will be 5 separate events associated with the pageant. Contestants, film crews, make up artists, producers and a visitors will be in our city at least 11 days. Yet, despite all the good things Miss USA has to offer Shreveport/Bossier, there are tons of detractors who say that this event offers no benefits and the city should focus on other things.

Muscutt, with all his passion and knowledge, spent an hour in studio this morning explaining why Shreveport is a great place, why the haters are wrong and how awesome it is that Miss USA is coming to town. He also detailed the multi-million dollar renovations that are happening in the Hirsch and why the building is becoming more in demand.

Whether you love Shreveport or hate it, you need to listen to what one of our city's shining lights had to say. It may just change your prospective and view of our town. Muscutt says, as Canadian who could live anywhere in the world that he wanted, that the city needs to celebrate its greatness instead of dwelling on its short comings.

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