Governor John Bel Edwards is proposing to increase the sales tax rate in Louisiana from 4% to 5%. That's the percentage paid to the state. We also pay sales taxes in each community. That money is generally divided among local government entities, like school boards, cities, parishes and other agencies.

Shreveport and Bossier City resident pay some of the higher rates in the state. Bossier residents pay 9% while Shreveport residents pay 8.6%. Perhaps you did not know, but Blanchard residents already pay 9.35%. Minden residents pay 9.5%. Farmerville residents pay 11%. The sales tax rate in Zwolle is 10.625%. Springhill residents pay 9.5%.

Monroe and Lake Charles have the highest sales tax rates of the metro areas. Monroe is 9.99% while Lake Charles is at 9.75%.