After hours and hours of debate and bickering, the Louisiana House has ok'd an extension of part of the temporary one penny sales tax that is set to go off the books on July 1st.

Lawmakers voted 74-24 Friday to renew 0.45 percent of the 1 percent sales tax. The tax needed 70 votes to pass. If approved by the Senate, the tax would stay on the books through mid-2025. This would keep the state sales tax rate at 4.45 percent.

The Governor has been pushing for renewal of half a penny of the tax and he managed to get a mix of Republicans and Democrats to support this compromise amount.

Shreveport Bossier Reps Raymond Crews, Dodie Horton and Alan Seabaugh voted no on this proposal. Reps Cedric Glover, Sam Jenkins and Barbara Norton voted yes on the tax extension. Reps Larry Bagley of Logansport and Thomas Carmody of Shreveport were absent for the vote.

Click here to see how all lawmakers voted on the tax.


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