This is the time of the year that brings out the best of us.  People become much more charitable in their giving.  We look forward to time with family and loved ones, and there's just an overall feeling of peace and good will.  But it can also bring the worst of us.  Packages routinely get stolen off of people's front porches, scams are usually on the increase, and shoplifting increases across the area.

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Unfortunately, people attending the Many Christmas Parade were witness to a traumatizing arrest.  Sabine Parish Sheriff's department arrested... The Grinch.

Sabine Parish Sheriff's Department
Sabine Parish Sheriff's Department

According to the official statement released by the Sabine Parish Sheriff's Department:

The Grinch was caught and arrested by Sheriff Aaron Mitchell at the Many Christmas Parade this afternoon.

The Grinch was suspected of stealing items from a local business yesterday.

Reports came in that the Grinch was causing a disturbance and throwing garlic into the crowd today at the parade.

Sheriff Mitchell himself located the Grinch and was able to take him into custody.

The Grinch was booked at the Sabine Parish Detention Center for misdemeanor charges.

The Grinch was arrested.... so do we now go looking for Mr. Potter?  Ebeneezer Scrooge?  I hear the Desoto Parish Sheriff's office is also looking for the Grinch.

Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office

When you get through with him in Sabine, we have a warrant or two in DeSoto as well. Js

I love it!

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