The CDC said there has been a spike in RSV cases across the south. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common cold virus that can develop into pneumonia and be fatal. LDH Regional Medical Director for the Capital region and pediatrician Dr. Dawn Marcelle said it usually affects infants and toddlers under two years of age.

“And frequently they may have underlying respiratory or heart conditions that can make them more susceptible to getting a respiratory infection,“ said Marcelle.

The CDC said the spreading of the virus usually dwindles in warmer months of the year and they saw a decrease during the height of the COVID pandemic as more people used mitigation measures, however, RSV cases are on the uptick again.

Marcelle said the virus can be deadly especially in those with underlying health conditions. She said there are also preemptive measures for infants who are susceptible.

“And can get medication, including an injection on a monthly basis to help prevent it,” said Marcelle.

Frequent handwashing along with masks will help prevent the spread and people should be especially cautious around young children who have compromised immune systems. Marcelle said children are not the only ones at risk.

“It can also present in the elderly, particularly those who are in institutionalized settings, limited group settings,” said Marcelle.

The CDC is calling for broader testing of RSV, especially when patients test negative for COVID.

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