Okay, folks...here's the latest on my COVID condition. It's so next-to-nothing that it scares me. I feel great! The only symptoms I currently have are a barely noticeable scratchy throat and a bit of a raspy voice. No fever (I did have temp of 99.6 Monday afternoon, but it was gone in four hours), no body aches, no headaches.

In fact, I feel so good that I told a friend yesterday, "I could go play 18 holes, no problem...if I were allowed outdoors."

But, as the saying goes, "Don't get cocky!" Any number of physicians will tell you in an instant, it's the four to seven day period that, very often, Coronavirus can hit you again...and even harder.

Thursday morning, Erin McCarty had a conversation with Dr. G.E. Ghali, Chancellor at Shreveport's LSU Health. They talked  about COVID 19 and my case in particular.

"Certainly the most critical aspect of this Coronavirus...is difficulties with breathing," Ghali begins, "Most of this other stuff, the fever, the cough, changes in your sensibility to smell and taste, those are fairly minor compared to issues with breathing."

"The peak of potential issues with COVID is around five to seven days," he continues. "Where you begin having significant inflammatory reaction in the lungs, which can be a quick downward spiral. You have to make sure in that five to seven day period you're really very vigilant about breathing issues."


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