Ronnie Jones, Chairman of Louisiana's Gaming Control Board, talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the pending opening of riverboat casinos in the Shreveport, Bossier City area and what players can expect when they play on Monday.

Jones tells KEEL listeners that the steps for opening begin with an official presentation with the Louisiana State Police. "The only general manager I've talked to in the last day or so is Barry Regula (Margaritaville) and I know that they are going to be opening and the Caesar's property in Bossier City (Horseshoe) is going to be opening. I don't believe Diamnond Jack's is going to be opening and I'm not certain that Boomtown is opening." Jones then addresses the casinos in downtown Shreveport, "El Dorado will be opening. I not sure what day it will be and I haven't talked to Sam's town."

The Chairman also talks about state rules governing the boats, including one calling for a minimum number of employees. "I think the board is going to be sensitive to the fact that if a property is going to be permitted to open for Phase I, but only have 25% of their authorized capacity at the property, we're not going to start hammering them over employment. They wouldn't be able to open.Some properties - if they have to hire everybody back - and yet limit the number of customers who come on to the property, they'd still be hemorrhaging money."

Jones adds that which employees will be the first ones called back to work will be determined by each companies Human Resources departments.

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