The skirmish in the Republican Party in Caddo Parish is heating up even more today. The group gathered Tuesday for their monthly meeting and they heard from the 3 Republican candidates for Mayor of Shreveport. But when it was his turn to speak, Caddo Parish Commissioner Mario Chavez criticized the leadership for not sending him a "formal invitation" to be at the meeting and he promptly resigned his position on the Republican Party Executive Committee and announced he would be running for Mayor as a "no-party" candidate.

Chavez joined KEEL News in studio on Wednesday morning to address what happened.

But Mike Johnson, the Vice Chair of the Caddo Parish Republican Party (not Congressman Mike Johnson) contacted us immediately and said Chavez is not telling the truth. Johnson says he personally spoke to Chavez back in March and invited him to speak at the Tuesday gathering.

So who is telling the truth? That's for you to decide. But we also reached out to Jim Taliaferro who tells us he got a phone call back in March inviting him to the meeting, but says he did not get a "formal invitation." So are we splitting hairs with the phrase "formal invitation?" Maybe that is what is going on here.

Tom Arceneaux tells us he did not get an "invitation" and was informed about the meeting indirectly. His campaign manager says he was called on March 9th and asked to be there and Arceneaux' attendance was confirmed.

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