UPDATE: New reports indicate a shooter has been shot and killed.

Our sister station KMND in Midland/Odessa is reporting 30 people have been injured in the shooting. The shooting apparently involved a retail complex that included a movie theater, WalMart, Home Depot, and restaurants.

ORIGINAL STORY:Reports out of West Texas indicate multiple people have been shot, and a suspect is in custody, after a multi-city shooting spree.

The shooting took place across the Midland and Odessa areas, including reports of multiple victims in each city, with Midland Police believing there to be multiple suspects. Including a suspect using a United States Postal Service van during the shooting.

ABC News has reported at "at least 13 people" have been shot, while no official count has been released from authorities. Police advised local residents to shelter indoors during the shootings, which appeared to be completely random.

NBC News adds that at least one person has died during the mass shooting.


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