Police in West Texas have updated the mass shooting situation in the Midland/Odessa area from today. Here's video of their update:

Earlier today, a suspect went on a mass shooting spree across the area between the two cities. In the update from officials, they described the situation, that update included:

  • The suspect is dead
  • Officers are among those who were shot
  • There are at least 5 casualties at this time
  • The shooting spree included multiple scenes
  • During the rampage, the suspect stole a USPS van
  • A movie theater was one of the scenes
  • The suspect has been described as a white male in his mid-30s
  • There are at least 21 shooting victims
  • Authorities now think there was only one gunman, and threat is contained

Police are still working on-site at multiple scenes, and victims are currently in treatment at local hospitals. The information included above will likely be updated throughout the night.

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