Still no decision on the proposal for a recycling restart in Shreveport. A four person committee appointed by Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins made a recommendation to give the contract to C. Edwards Concepts which is run by Charlette Edwards.

This deal is worth more than $158,000 a month or about $10 million over five years. It would include twice a month pickup. Residents would pay $2.50 a month for this service. Our recycling program stopped back in October when the city could not reach a new deal with Republic Services.

C Edwards Concepts is not currently in the the recycling business, but Edwards has told the council she is prepared to buy trucks and hire workers and get up and going quickly

Some Shreveport Councilmembers have expressed concerns about giving such a large contract to an inexperienced company. There are many protections in the contract for the city, but some say this might be setting up Charlette Edwards for failure from the jump.

Councilmembers are still trying to work behind the scenes to try to salvage this deal, but as of this week there is apparently not enough support. So the proposal has been postponed until at least the first meeting in September.

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