No action on the proposed contract for recycling in Shreveport. Because the city council met via Zoom instead of in-person, this measure could not be acted on because it is not considered an emergency or a necessity.

So this deal will have to wait until at least 2 more weeks before the council can take action on the proposal.

C. Edwards Concepts is trying to land the contract to provide recycling for the city. It's a five year deal worth nearly $10 million dollars.

Shreveport residents pay $2.50 a month for the recycling program. The goal of the council is to put a recycling program back in place without increasing the cost. But that has been a challenge.

Here's the list of recyclable materials listed in the contract:

Aluminum, steel and tin cans, newspaper and newspaper inserts; magazines and catalogs; all junk mail and envelopes; cardboard; office and school paper (all colors); phone books; cereal and cracker type boxes, brown paper sacks and bags; glass bottles and jars; plastics labeled Nos. 1 through Nos. 7; plastic milk jugs, paper milk cartons and plastic bags.

Shreveport has 61,000 households that will be covered by the program.

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