It doesn't get much cuter than this. Kindergarten students at South Highlands Elementary Magnet School got a hands on lesson about dealing with pets during a class this week.  courtesy of South Highlands

Pups 3

The youngsters were very attentive as the reps from Robinson's Rescue talked to them about how to care for puppies and showed them some of the basic techniques for making sure the pets felt secure. The children had lots of questions for the experts.

Pups 4

Learning is always more fun when children get hands-on experience. Each child got to spend some quality time with the adorable puppies.


Robinson's Rescue staffers brought some adorable puppies to the school for the "Pups and Pages" Reading Event. This outreach mission gives organizers a chance to teach youngsters about the importance of spay and neuter animals. But the children also got a lesson about being confident around the pets and learning dog socialization skills.

The folks at Robinson's Rescue also wanted to thank the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana for teaming up to supply 6 adorable puppies for this special day in the classroom with the kindergarten children.


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