A new report on inflation shows Americans are paying substantially more for almost everything we buy compared to last years' prices.

Dollar Per Gallon Milk Hike Expected Next Week
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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says inflation has jumped to 40-year high of 9.1%. We are paying 12% more for groceries overall. But when you break down the numbers, some items we want to pick up at Kroger, Brookshires, Albertsons or another grocery store are up by more than 30%.

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How Much Have Prices Increased in Louisiana?

33% more for eggs

18% more for chicken

16% more for milk

21% more for butter.

Restaurant food costs 7.7% more

Gas prices are up nearly 60%.

New cars prices are up 11.4%

Used car prices are up 7.1%

Your electric bill has gone up by 13.7%

Average Price Of Used Cars Rises 30 Percent Over Last Year
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Senator Bill Cassidy says Democrats in Congress and the White House are to blame for the rising prices. He says the President's executive orders to slow energy production began this massive run-up on prices across the board.

Cassidy says the Democrats are getting ready to push another trillion-dollar spending plan they claim will stimulate our economy, but Cassidy says it is poorly conceived and is aimed at pushing their progressive agenda for the nation.


The Senator says we should not be trying to pass another tax and spend plan that will eventually lead to higher taxes on many Americans. He is urging the President to let our domestic energy production get back up and going.

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