A guy in Michigan got quite a surprise after he bought a couch at a thrift store. He paid $35 dollars for a used couch from the Habitat for Humanity Store in Owosso, Michigan. Once he got the couch home, he found $43 thousand dollars inside the cushions.

Howard Kirby told CBS 5 “It still boggles my mind every so often.”

How did he find the cash? Well, he was using the couch for his man cave and the ottoman was lumpy and uncomfortable. His daughter unzipped the cushion to find stacks of $100 bills.

It came to $43,170 in total. Kirby told the tv station he didn't feel morally right keeping it. So, he drove back to the store to find the original owner of the couch. The manager was able to track that person down. Turns out the owner got the sofa from her grandfather who passes away. She had no idea there was cash inside the couch.

Kirby even went and got legal advice about what he had to do with the money and was told he could legally keep it, but he says he thought giving it back was the right thing to do.

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