Chris Bordelon of the Shreveport Police Union talks about the charges, stemming from a January car chase, brought against eight SPD officers.

Responding to the charges of malfeasance against all eight Shreveport officers, Bordelon was blunt. "We're very disappointed in the DA's office," he begins, "We feel that our officers have been targeted for political bias and prosecution. We can't speak as to what was presented to the grand jury, but we can speak to what was not presented. There were people that you could only describe as purposely excluded that would have been witnesses and use-of-force experts that could have provided facts.that would possibly explain the officers actions that were purposely excluded."

Bordelon then again points the finger at DA James Stewart and his office."We do know that certain investigators that were involved from the Shreveport police side of things were not even subpoenaed to court and not asked to give testimony."

"Unfortunately, that's the culture of the nation that we're living in right now," Bordelon continues with his thoughts about the District Attorney. "This prosecution was absolutely one sided.. It's just a malicious overreach for a political agenda. We've seen this across the country and you can't deny that if you're going to exclude people who were in on the investigation for the Shreveport Police."

Then Bordelon expresses concern, not only for the SPD officers, but their families as well. "Ultimately it's the officers who are the people who are suffering. These are good people. These are fathers and husbands and church members. People see the uniform, but they don't see the people behind the uniform."


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