The decision will now be up the Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler to appoint the city's next Police Chief. The candidates who want the job took the civil service exam on Wednesday.

19 candidates applied for the job, but we do not know yet if they all showed up to take the test.

Here is the list of applicants:

Alan Crump Interim Police Chief, Lieutenant

Janice Dailey Sergeant

Eric Farquhar Sergeant

Rodney Horton Sergeant

Rodney Johnson Sergeant

Willie Johnson FBI Beaumont, Texas

Darwin Jones Caddo Sheriff's Office Captain

Gregory Jones Lieutenant

Michael Jones Corporal

Patrick McConnel Sergeant

Michael Presley Sr. Sergeant

Benjamin Raymond Corporal

Henry Rogers Lieutenant

Mark Rogers Sergeant (Retired)

Kenneth Scott Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief

Tedris Smith Captain

Wayne Smith Asst. Chief of Police

James G. Taliaferro Sergeant (Retired)

The applicants have to score a 75 or better on the test to be eligible for the job. Former Chief Willie Shaw retired at the end of July.

Mayor Ollie Tyler appointed Alan Crump as Interim Chief.