Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump spoke to members of the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association Tuesday night. He told the crowd crime numbers in Shreveport are down from where we were last year.

Chief Crump says police work is just one part of fighting crime in our community.

Chief Crump did give the members a run down of the numbers. He says there were 5 murders in Shreveport in January of 2017 and 2 this past January. But he did talk about the perception that crime numbers are on the rise.

Chief Crump also told members of the Broadmoor group he gets calls and emails everyday with one simple message: "parents must parent their children."

Residents asked the Chief several tough questions. Key concerns focused on speeding in the neighborhood and late night partying at AC Steere Park. Residents also wanted to know what the Chief could do about the halfway houses in the community and the section 8 apartment complex next to Albertsons. One person even told the Chief she sees Caddo school buses speeding around Broadmoor Middle school every day.


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